Our Process

When delivering our services, we follow a procedure map. The phases of this map are:

Phase 1 - Client Brief

The brief will be received via e-mail and a meeting will follow, covering further issues for discussion: types of requirements, the nature of your organizational strategy and culture, objectives and time frames. At the end of this stage, a contract is signed.

Phase 2 – Candidate Profile

A Candidate Profile and Job Description is generated, based on the brief and our experience and knowledge of the market. This will include the needed professional and personal characteristics, required experience and skills, and other needed qualifications.

Phase 3 – Executive Search Strategy

In this stage we develop the individual talent map, search for relevant organizations and make introductions via recommendations within the business network. The Talent Map is presented to the client for confirmation.

Phase 4 – Approach the Candidate

At this stage, we approach the candidate, based on a script signed off by the client. The tactics include direct headhunting, selling the role or the organization, and contacting candidate via e-mail or phone. A shortlist is generated at the end of this stage.

Phase 5 – Interview Process

This phase includes face-to-face interviews, at the end of which we provide a shortlist to the client, with their CV's, our detailed notes and the candidate's responses to the specified assessments.

Phase 6 – Formal "Client - Candidate" Encounter

In this stage, we have a meeting both with the client and the candidate, with a focus on feedback from both sides. A second short list is generated.

Phase 7 – Offer and Availability Management

Finally, the offer is sent to the most preferred candidate. We obtain a written acceptance of the offer from the candidate and an availability date is set (allowing time for resignation from a current position, if needed).