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The perfect employee is hybrid

Radu Dumitru Stănescu | 25.05.2017

We gain more access with every day, and less control. Control over our own personal data. We need employees that can handle this dynamic work flow and be ready for anything the future has in mind.

What is a hybrid employee? The definition is simple, the employee – definitely not. A hybrid employee is a person who has both great technical abilities and they also do great at soft skills. In order to be very interesting for a company a candidate in 2016 needs to show off more than a diploma and maybe some experience in the field. He needs to know how to use all devices at expert level, he has to be able to hold a good presentation, it would be great if he could also negotiate like a pro, he must not micromanage, but can also replace a sick team member and so on: all-in-one.

One of the most looked for specialist is the data analyst this year. The demand for them has risen by 4.000% lately, especially in IT. This specialist knows how to gather data, sort data, analyze it and deliver it in a very easy to understand manner. This is not an easy task and definitely need to be fulfilled by somebody with knowledge from various fields.

But things are even more complex. Employers need people who can do all of the above no matter the level they are at inside the company, because compiling and interpreting the data is something needed in all fields. Also, another reason for which hybrids are searched for is the current switch between generations. Right now, companies with big history need to go from old to new and people who can build the bridge between millennials and their predecessors are vital.

Where are the hybrids?

Employers should search for those candidates who do well in both professional areas and also in arts and sciences. This is where interviews are crucial and the set of questions must be very well defined and they should ask a lot of things related to specific situations in order to analyze reactions more than count skills.